Vulcan Mulciber

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Vulcan Mulciber is Jon Marius Brogaard Aeppli and Jesper Bagger Hviid. We started out in 2011. None of us could afford new equipment and we tend to love old stuff that requires service once in a while. We therefore taught ourselves everything we know about electronics, with the lovely internet as our mentor. Because of this, we publish our schematics online in order to keep our products as transparent as possible for users. We owe that to both the DIY-community and all the electric wizards on whose shoulders we stand. We build with high quality components only. No superstitious mojo bullshit...

Everything is done by us, except for the PCBs. They are made in Odense, Denmark by a secondary company. This way we are certain that everybody involved in our final product has received a good wage and worked under decent circumstances.